Purpose, Mission, & Vision

We are Aesculus The Buckeye Mala®, LLC, a specialty jewelry company exclusively designing and producing sophisticated, handcrafted Malas. We use high-quality semi-precious and precious stones and a Buckeye nut as the guru bead for centralized focus during wear and use. We are the first and original Buckeye Mala™.

OUR PURPOSE: To provide effective mindfulness tools that support our community members through a lifetime journey of living intentionally, accountably, and exceptionally

  • By living intentionally, one no longer just exists, but curates with articulable desire and specificity the experiences they want to memorialize their existence.

  • By living accountably, one pledges to be transparent with themselves about the impact of experiences on their perspectives and to respect themselves through boundaries and accomplishments.

  • By living exceptionally, one recognizes what makes them exceptional and they remain curious in pursuit of all that is possible for them through their existence.

OUR MISSION: Connect with individuals who want to live beyond mere existence and show them how to live intentionally, accountably, and exceptionally. Create attractive and quality designs that bring tokens of beauty into their lives, guarantee peace in their minds one mindful moment at a time, and make them feel elevated as exceptional.

OUR VISION: The impact of Aesculus The Buckeye Mala® will be evidenced by: (1) an increase in the number of members served in our communities,  (2) an increase in the number of people intentionally investing in mindful moments, (3) the collective peace reportedly felt in the minds of those invested, and (4) the amount of philanthropic support given to elevate exceptional individuals often marginalized by their diversities, disabilities, and/or differences.



Aesculus The Buckeye Mala® Mantra

I am the movement and the transformation. Everything I need is always ready to be received. When I step into the light, the warmth of the sun sits on my shoulders. Investing in fulfillment and peace is my privilege. Grateful. One Buckeye Mala moment at a time brings peace with ease into my mind. I am the center source of all that is above me, beneath me, and around me. In my mindfulness, I am elevated as exceptional.