Profit-to-Philanthropy Commitment

The meaning behind every design aspect of Aesculus The Buckeye Mala® is advanced through our commitment to support social enterprises dedicated to elevating exceptional individuals around the world. Through our profit-to-philanthropy commitment, we seek expansion of accessibility for exceptional individuals often marginalized by labels by investing in their talents and supporting inclusive efforts to curate meaningful and collaborative experiences for their enjoyment. By donating $50 for every Aesculus The Buckeye Mala® sold, our vision to see exceptional individuals elevated for what makes them exceptional will be achieved.

See ME Not asd®, Inc. is the first social enterprise supported by Aesculus The Buckeye Mala, LLC. Each Aesculus The Buckeye Mala® comes with a See ME Not asd® tag to signify our support of their mission to fund the See ME Not asd Scholarship for individuals on the autism spectrum to pursue advancement in their interests and exceptionalities.

Aesculus The Buckeye Mala® Mantra

I am the movement and the transformation. Everything I need is always ready to be received. When I step into the light, the warmth of the sun sits on my shoulders. Investing in fulfillment and peace is my privilege. Grateful. One Buckeye Mala moment at a time brings peace with ease into my mind. I am the center source of all that is above me, beneath me, and around me. In my mindfulness, I am elevated as exceptional.