For centuries, the Mala necklace has been a symbol of spirituality around the world used to guide individuals through devotional meditation, mantra, or prayer. When traditionally designed, the hand-crafted necklace contains 108 beads, each separated by a double-knot, a tassel which serves as an extension of the necklace cord, and a central connecting bead or charm known as a guru bead.
Learn the meaning behind every aspect of Aesculus The Buckeye Mala™ design.


Each Aesculus The Buckeye Mala™ is hand-crafted and individually inspected for quality. The physical labor required for its creation is intentionally meditative and our artisans channel thoughtful energy into each beaded crystal or precious stone to infuse them as needed by future wearers. Once complete, each Aesculus The Buckeye Mala™ is charged on a selenite slab for approximately 33 minutes before being packaged for shipping. For these reasons, each Buckeye Mala is made to order.

As we meditate, recite a mantra, or pray, the beads represent 108 opportunities to expand awareness about what we need to receive by channeling thoughtful energy at the touch of each bead. There are countless symbolic explanations for why "108" is the standard number of beads used on a Mala necklace, but here is what makes Aesculus The Buckeye Mala™ unique:

(1): We are ONE-of-a-kind. When we enter a space that allows for focus of mind and awareness of body, we discover our power.

(0): Having ZERO expectations about the process or ZERO judgments about ourselves opens up the mindfulness of the moment.

(8): EIGHT represents the transformative experience of showing up for ourselves consistently with generosity and being rewarded with infinite ∞ possibilities to receive what we need.


Symbolic of connection to the divine and one another, the tassel is a continuation of the cord that is linked to every bead and reminds us we are linked to our thoughts, intentions, and desires.


The cord is strong and durable, intended to carry the weight of 108 beads and last through normal wear and use.


Attached to every Aesculus The Buckeye Mala™ are tags representing the brand and recognizing a social enterprise dedicated to elevating exceptional people. It serves as an elegant reminder to serve yourself and others with grace, and to generate intentional awareness for the range of diversity between all people.

Our Mantra

We are the movement. We are the transformation. Everything we need is always ready to be received.

When we step into the light with our eyes closed, we feel the warmth from the sun brightening our face. We are committed to being inspired by forces greater than us. We contemplate, visualize, and speak truth through 108 affirmations, intentions, prayers, or other mindful moments with each serving as a revelation or confirmation for all we desire to receive in this life. When opening our eyes, we remember with ease that we are the center source of all that is above us, beneath us, and around us. We promise to remain inspired to be visionary and feel elevated as exceptional.