Beads of Crystals and Precious Stones

Each design is carefully curated to incorporate beads of crystals and precious stones with significant meaning for our CEO and her family.
When she started her meditation practice and added it to her yoga practice, she taught her children too. Each with their own personalities, she wanted them to develop a similar appreciation for stillness, to find pride in knowing what works to bring calmness when anxious or sad, to think with clarity and act with authenticity, to value words and their careful selection, and to engage in the power of bringing energy to thoughts and actions as a way to achieve dreams. 

One of her children was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age 3 and she used meditation, yoga, crystals, precious stones, and prayer as holistic and fun approaches to assist with navigating his challenges. She quickly discovered just how intuitive he was through the practice of gratitude and when she applied the same techniques and engaged in the same practices with her other children, she knew there should be no distinction between serving the needs of one another regardless of diversities.

Whether or not you have rooted beliefs in the healing powers of mindfulness, meditation, prayer, positive thinking, or colorful energies from the Earth’s crystals and precious stones, we believe the symbolism behind our hand-crafted Aesculus The Buckeye Mala™ will encourage you, guide you, and remind you to serve yourself and others with love, grace, and kindness, consistently and generously.

Our Mantra

We are the movement. We are the transformation. Everything we need is always ready to be received.

When we step into the light with our eyes closed, we feel the warmth from the sun brightening our face. We are committed to being inspired by forces greater than us. We contemplate, visualize, and speak truth through 108 affirmations, intentions, prayers, or other mindful moments with each serving as a revelation or confirmation for all we desire to receive in this life. When opening our eyes, we remember with ease that we are the center source of all that is above us, beneath us, and around us. We promise to remain inspired to be visionary and feel elevated as exceptional.