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Beads of Semi-Precious and Precious Stones

Each design is carefully curated to incorporate beads of semi-precious and precious stones with significant meaning for our CEO and her family. 

When she started her meditation practice and added it to her yoga practice, she taught her children too. Each with their own personalities, she wanted them to develop a similar appreciation for stillness, to find pride in knowing what works to bring peace in the mind, to think with intention and act with accountability, to value words and their careful selection, and to engage in the power of bringing energy to thoughts and actions as a way to achieve dreams. 

She quickly discovered how mindful moments improved quality of life and fulfillment for each of her children, regardless of their labels of diversity, disability, or difference.

Whether or not you have rooted beliefs in the healing powers of mindfulness, meditation, prayer, positive thinking, or even colorful energies from the Earth’s semi-precious and precious stones, we believe the symbolism behind our handcrafted Aesculus The Buckeye Mala® will encourage you, guide you, and remind you to serve yourself and others with love, grace, and kindness, consistently and generously.

Aesculus The Buckeye Mala® Mantra

I am the movement and the transformation. Everything I need is always ready to be received. When I step into the light, the warmth of the sun sits on my shoulders. Investing in fulfillment and peace is my privilege. Grateful. One Buckeye Mala moment at a time brings peace with ease into my mind. I am the center source of all that is above me, beneath me, and around me. In my mindfulness, I am elevated as exceptional.