CEO & Designer

Our CEO and Designer, Devika Lynn Carr, Esq., completed her undergraduate degree at The Ohio State University where she double-majored in criminology and sociology while competing nationally as a collegiate cheerleader for The All-Girl Competitive Cheerleading Team. She is also a two-time graduate of Nova Southeastern University, with a master’s degree in criminal justice and legal perspectives and a juris doctorate of law degree. Her range of roles in service to self and others includes being a wife, mother, artist, writer, lawyer, and Law and Society Scholars Program Manager/Pre-Law Advisor for first and second-year undergraduate students at Ohio State.

In raising 4 exceptional children, including one diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, she is constantly looking for creative ways to celebrate every person’s exceptionalities as they explore their life journey.
She believes in order to achieve lifelong fulfillment, we should be seeking inspiration, not happiness. Her commitment to being inspired means she no longer just exists…she serves others authentically in every role she takes on.

Now, every day she chooses to tell herself inspirational stories about what every little moment she experiences means. She asks you to commit to being inspired because she really thinks you’re going to love it!

Naming Aesculus The Buckeye Mala™

"Aesculus glabra" is the scientific name for a tree species known as Ohio Buckeye. As the chosen "guru bead" in our design, the buckeye nut serves the greater purpose of reminding wearers to be mindfully inclusive and aware. The Aesculus The Buckeye Mala™ name serves as a reminder of how deep connections can lead to beautiful memories that were once only possibilities desired, but not yet received.

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